UBS Bloomberg CMCI

A new perspective on commodity investments


UBS ETCs on UBS Bloomberg CMCI Indices

A smart way to ensure liquid, cost-efficient access to commodities while adding real assets to your portfolio as a potential hedge against inflation. The sophisticated Constant Maturity Commodity Index method allows you to track commodity prices closely regardless of the futures curve.

UBS Bloomberg CMCI at a glance

  • Comprehensive tracking of the commodity markets by investing in the entire futures curve and tracking of 27 commodities
  • Minimal tracking errors for underlying commodity prices
  • Minimising negative roll returns creates the opportunity for higher overall returns than with traditional indices
  • Diversifying across the entire futures curve leads to lower volatility rates compared with traditional indices
  • Higher profit/risk ratio (Sharpe ratio): Relative to traditional indices, opportunities for returns are higher and the risk (volatility) is lower
  • Daily rolling on stock exchange allows «constant» maturities
  • Opportunities & Risks